About Us

Arifah Hasan founded The Blackrose Pendant LLC in 1994 after reflecting on the plight of the Black people throughout the world. The Blackrose Pendant is a symbol of solidarity amongst Black people regardless of your place of origin. It is a reminder that despite the many challenges that we’ve had to overcome, we still have the power, wisdom, strength and intellect to eradicate helplessness, poverty, hunger, health disparities, homelessness and Black on Black crime which is the epitome of self hate. 
While the vision for the Blackrose was prompted over twenty years ago by the dire condition of Black people at the time, it has become very clear that this pendant is needed now more than ever. This pin/pendant should be worn as a reminder of our ties to our ancestors of the past that led the way, our Black brothers and sisters in the present day that give us strength in numbers and the Black people of our future that will ensure that our legacies remain intact. When worn, it serves as a warm handshake and a reminder that we, like the Blackrose are unique, beautiful, royal and deserving of love and respect from ourselves and one another. The gold leaf of the Blackrose represents our children and their future.
Thank you for your support. Peace.